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Ilka Gansera-Lévêque

Saint Wendred’s, Newmarket

Racehorse Trainers Newmarket

A Newmarket based thoroughbred trainer and practising vet, Ilka was an apprentice jockey in Germany and an assistant trainer in the US. She gained invaluable experience ‘breaking’ youngsters when working under Monty Roberts. Ilka graduated from vetschool in 2009 and completed the British Trainer’s Course in 2012.

Seeing and treating the horse as an individual being, learning to understand its personality from the very first encounter, supporting its development in every way possible. It’s always the horse that dictates the next step, and every step thereafter. We invite you to witness the process, as a racehorse owner.

Veterinarians: Critical Players in Thoroughbred Racing

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"Sending a horse across the world to run in a different country can be a daunting decision. The decision to send our Arabian from the USA to England to Gansera-Leveque’s Newmarket stables, St. Wendred’s, turned out to be 100% positive. The training expertise, the attention to detail for each horse and the communication from the trainers has exceeded all our expectations. This is no cookie cutter training operation. We simply have never experienced this level of horsemanship and professionalism in our 30 years of racing both Arabians and Thoroughbreds."

Paul and Kathryn Smoke, MoKee Arabians

We have been involved with Ilka and Stephane for a number of years through a club arrangement and as part-owners. The recently acquired stables at St.Wendred’s have outstanding, very modern, facilities for the horses. We have had winners and are more keen than ever. We have recently increased our involvement with the stable and have every confidence of additional success. Ilka has an “eye” for choosing promising yearlings and the patience needed to get them ready to race. Her ability to rehabilitate older horses with problems, of one sort or another, is well proven. We trust her and her judgement – “its all about the horse”.

Alan and Deborah McGraw