Why We’re Different – The USP And Uniqueness Of IGL Racing

USP In Training Racehorses

All businesses want a unique selling point (USP). However, with around 400 licensed flat trainers in the UK and as with market competition in any industry – finding, retaining or even explaining a USP can be tough!


IGL Racing has an immediate USP – that I’m the only female trainer that’s also a qualified vet in the UK. Horses under my training and subsequently their owners, benefit from having a vet on site 24/7. Through my veterinary experience, I’ve developed an advanced knowledge and awareness of soundness and wellbeing; which means I can often prevent an injury by spotting a potential problem in the early stages. This has obvious immediate benefits to the welfare of the horse, along with benefits to the owner both financially in reduced vets bills and in terms of their enjoyment; as their horse stays fit and well and able to race more regularly.


Having an obvious USP is quite rare in today’s competitive marketplace; yet being unique is about more than just one statement of fact – it goes beyond that. We’ve all taken a unique course and have grown through a unique set of experiences to get to who we are and where we are today. Uniqueness as a racehorse trainer is really about the combination of your skills, knowledge and experience and how this distils down into your approach to training.


Here are 6 points that I believe combine to make IGL Racing unique…


#1 Innovation

In both training and business, I believe in marginal gains, taking every opportunity, evolving and innovating. I’m driven to think differently, cover all the bases and experiment with new methods. The marginal gains approach looks at making constant improvements, however small, across every element of training. It’s often the little things that make a big difference with racehorses, particularly to how they feel within themselves, for example, some fresh grass or a bit of freedom in the paddock. We look at every element of training, nutrition, stabling, equipment, air quality, transportation and more!


#2 Ambition

OK, so having ambition is not unique, particularly in racing! However, I have big ambitions and from my early days as an apprentice jockey in Germany, my aim was always to become a trainer. Over the years, I’ve purposefully gained a wide range of experiences, knowledge and qualifications, including working as a vet and learning natural horsemanship, in order to develop a deep understanding of the horse and provide a solid foundation as a trainer.


My mission now is to train winners. The horses I have in training at the moment are a solid start to this ambition. I have the capacity at Saint Wendred’s and look forward to growing the number of horses in training and gaining momentum on the racecourse with an increase in runners.


#3 Excellence

Racing itself is the pursuit of excellence. The thoroughbred racehorse is a result of centuries of breeding and can be thought of as the ultimate pursuit of excellence. I have always striven for excellence, for both myself and my training operation. I’m determined to continue going that extra mile in the pursuit of excellence.


#4 Approach

My training approach combines both tradition and innovation, veterinary science and natural horsemanship. I incorporate diagnostics and scientific measurements to support my horsemanship knowledge and of course am always on-hand with veterinary knowledge when needed. The horses benefit from this, as it ensures they are monitored at every possible point. Here’s just some of the science supporting my training… cryotherapy, pulsmagnetic therapy, GPS, nutritional supplements, hay steamer and the new ComfortStall rubber matting system.


#5 Welfare

Saint Wendred’s is a bespoke, purpose-built yard, with excellent training facilities in Newmarket. It allows me to fulfil my first and foremost priority – the horse’s welfare. I’m dedicated to the wellbeing of the horses in my training and make sure each one is cared for and trained as an individual, with a routine tailored to them. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach here. I think it’s really important that they get time to “be a horse” and so make sure they have time in the paddock whenever possible. I’ve even been known to hand-pick and deliver grass to the stable door!


#6 Communication

Training isn’t just about the horses, it’s a business venture that relies on relationships both horses and humans! Our relationship with owners and potential owners is pivotal to success and owner experience is of paramount importance to us. We’re a small, dedicated team and we welcome owners wholeheartedly and look forward to them quickly become part of our team. We do our utmost to offer the personal touch and place great importance on communication to ensure our owners are fully involved and up to date with their horse’s development, training and racing career.


Find Out More…

If you’d like to find out more about IGL Racing, or how to become a racehorse owner, feel free to contact me today, I’d be more than happy to have a chat. Meanwhile, I’ve composed a comprehensive guide on becoming a racehorse owner which is available for download below…just click on the image and enter your name and email address and I’ll send it straight to your inbox.


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