Training The Two Legged Athletes

Work Rider Training

Last week we were lucky to benefit from on site work rider training for our staff.

The British Racing School Jockey coach Richard Perham came to Saint Wendred's with a specially designed mobile training centre including a racehorse simulator. Mr. Perham rode over 230 winners in his career as a jockey, and has now gone on to coach many of the best jockeys currently riding in England today. He will be joining the very best in the world of horse racing by being a key speaker at the Sheik Mansoor Festival held in Abu Dhabi in November, we are looking forward to hearing his opinions on the future of jockey coaching and race riding.
Mr. Perhams' advice was well received by our new work rider Pauline who despite attending the top racing school in France had never had the benefit of using a moving horse simulator.

Much of the emphasis of the session was on balance and getting the jockey to think about how every tiny movement that they make can be felt by the horse underneath. On the simulator, strength and endurance were worked on with getting the jockey to rest for 30 seconds in a normal cantering position followed by 30 seconds of a lower position like is used to quicken when riding faster work.

For my marginal gains philosophy, the quality and continual training of my riders is extremely important. A good 'pilot' rather than a 'passenger' can make a huge difference in the training and education of our racehorses.

On behalf of all of us at Gansera-Lévêque Racing, thank you to The British Racing School and to Mr. Perham for delivering such great training to our riders on our doorstep.

Click the video below to watch a clip of Pauline's training...

Someone else couldn't resist a go too!... After showing Mr. Perham her vaulting routine Elea got to have a go at riding the simulator with Frankie Dettori's old saddle. This photo will be one for us all to look back on in future!