World Arabian Horseracing Conference

a week in Rome

Earlier in May I was honoured to attend the annual World Arabian Horseracing Conference in Rome, Italy. The Arabian Horse, bringing together 500 guests from 81 countries, as an ambassador of peace is a truly powerful symbol . The visit to the Vatican flying the UAE flag will never be forgotten.
I was invited by the festival organiser Ms. Lara Sawaya to sit on the breeding panel with international experts moderated by the one an only “Tommo” (Derek Thompson).
My thanks goes to Ms. Lara Sawaya and His Highness Sheik Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nayan for the invitation to such a prestigious event. I hope everyone in the audience found my contributions to the conference sessions informative and interesting.

The YouTube video below shows the full session of the Breeding Panel that I contributed to…

Amongst the speakers on the panel with me was Dr. Cath Dunnett from Racing Blue/ STORM .
The advice that she gave during the conference on the differences in the nutrition required for different locations around the world was very helpful to many in the audience.
The horses at Saint Wended’s benefit from STORM on a daily basis and we are proud to be sponsored and associated with Racing Blue.


Storm supplement

All of the action was captured live by YAS TV, one of the major sponsors. They took footage of the conference sessions, as well as the gala dinner which was an unforgettable event for all who attended. Each session has now been posted online to the Sheikh Mansoor Festival YouTube page … It is great for us to be able to look back on the advice contributed by the world’s best professionals in the Arabian horse world.

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