Newmarket Open Weekend

Newmarket Open Weekend

17th & 18th September 2016

..Save the date! Ilka and Stéphane will be opening the gates of Saint Wendred’s to the public again this year as part of Newmarket Open Weekend’s charity event. We will be having tours with Ilka from both a veterinary and training perspective. She will answer any questions as well as introducing you to some of the racehorses in training with us.

Inside the yard, we plan to have a screen showing ‘First’ – the beautiful short film mentioned in our last newsletter; as well as exhibitions planned from a local artist.

This week Ilka answered the Newmarket Open Weekend’s QUESTION TIME! to raise publicity for the event and tell people a few different things about her life that most people wouldn’t think of asking!

To view her QUESTION TIME! in your browser on the Newmarket Open Day Website as well as find out more about what else is available over the weekend please click here.