First – A short Film

Random Acts Film

Last summer we had the pleasure of opening the gates of Saint Wendred’s to talented young director Alejandro Ahedo Perez and his team. As part of his university degree at the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, and funded by Channel 4, Alejandro directed and produced a short film on our philosophy at Gansera-Leveque Racing… You may have seen a…

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An Extra Busy Week

Bro Park

Every day is a busy one at Saint Wendreds’ with each horse being given a tailor made exercise and care regime to allow them to achieve their full potential. However, this week for Ilka has been particularly hectic from Sweden to Lingfield every hour has been full! Sweden  Last weekend Ilka traveled to Sweden to attend…

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Where are they now?

Thoroughbred arfter-care

Back to blogging! Boy has the time flown by…….. There are so many topics to write about, I always try to give it a current spin.  One subject that we will always have to think about is: what happens to all the racehorses after their career? The good ones go to the breeding shed of course…

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Equine Transformers

Equine Transformer

The great thing about working with young horses , is the change that takes place in front of your very own eyes. It’s so rewarding. When you are caught up in the day to day reality of running a racing operation you don’t always have a camera to hand or think of taking pictures all the…

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Yearling season

yearlings get their teeth done

Every new arrival at Saint Wendred’s gets their teeth checked right away, regardless of age. This time of the year all trainers are busy getting “their babies” going and cantering on the heath. So, before bitting a horse, it’s best to get their teeth done. Youngsters often have sharp points needing to be smoothed, and wolf teeth that…

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Newmarket Open Weekend

newmarket open weekend

Saintly  connection for Newmarket’s newest training yard   A heathen saint associated with healing of horses will be invoked at Newmarket’s Open Day with the official launch of the town’s newest yard. Saint Wendred’s on Hamilton Road has been named after the little known woman saint by trainers Ilka Gansera  Leveque and husband Stephane. It’s…

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Mission complete – All of the horses settled

Mission complete

It’s been a while since the last post due to “the move”; but in normal Gansera-Leveque fashion the wheels have been in motion.  All of the horses settled in nicely from day one, and now finally all of the moving-boxes (human living quarters) are unpacked as well. Hooray!  Pictures are starting to go up on the…

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