7 Reasons To Become A Racehorse Owner

Racing Head On - Robbie Roo Roo

There are so many reasons to become a racehorse owner and because of this our unique sport attracts a wide-range of people with different interests, whom all come together to enjoy the extraordinary experience of horse racing. Although often considered a privilege of the very wealthy, racehorse ownership is more affordable and accessible than ever, with a form of racehorse ownership to suit most budgets.


Just some of the more frequent reasons people become involved in racing are:

  1. A love of horses and a desire to learn more about them and their training.
  2. The social aspect – the chance to meet like-minded people, with a shared passion, to enjoy a great day out with new and old friends and to joyfully attend the numerous social events organised by your trainer.
  3. A love of racing – some people love the sport itself, trying to fathom and master the different elements involved in producing a top horse. Ownership provides you with behind the scenes access and the ability to learn much from your trainer, such as the intricacies of racing, breeding, feeding, race tactics, race planning and much more.
  4. Others are drawn to the numbers game – the handicaps, ratings and betting odds.
  5. Some are drawn to the historic nature of the sport and the traditions.
  6. UK racing in particular appeals to people attracted to the prestige, the chance to go to the high-end races, for example, Royal Ascot and rub shoulders with high profile owners such as Her Majesty the Queen.
  7. For some people, it is the business aspect of the horse racing industry which is most intriguing.


Whatever your reason for getting involved, one thing’s for certain…you’ll make memories that will last.


Ownership gives you a wonderful opportunity to not just watch racing, but to participate and to be actively involved with racing, on the inside. It’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in horse racing. When you become a racehorse owner, you become an extremely important member of a fascinating sport, industry, social network and part of a dedicated team working towards a joint goal and striving for success.


If you want to find out more about how to go about becoming a racehorse owner, I’ve put together a comprehensive and informative guide to help answer your questions and you can download your copy here…

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