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Considerations and Decisions When Entering Ownership

Racehorse Ownership Racing Line Image

Racing is a dynamic sport and a vibrant industry and there can be a lot to get to grips with, ranging from equine knowledge, to an understanding of the sport itself, and commercial opportunities and connections. So if, like many people, you’re dreaming of owning a racehorse or even a string of racehorses, there are…

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Big or Bespoke? 11 Reasons To Choose A Bespoke Trainer

Bespoke Trainer Images

Selecting a trainer is one of the most important decisions you can make as a racehorse owner, right up there with choosing your horse. There are a number of factors you might take into consideration as you ponder your choice:   Location – you’ll be visiting the yard often, so you might like to consider…

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7 Reasons To Become A Racehorse Owner

Racing Head On - Robbie Roo Roo

There are so many reasons to become a racehorse owner and because of this our unique sport attracts a wide-range of people with different interests, whom all come together to enjoy the extraordinary experience of horse racing. Although often considered a privilege of the very wealthy, racehorse ownership is more affordable and accessible than ever,…

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