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Nutter Therapy

Nutter therapy

The great thing about being a Newmarket trainer are the facilities. All you have to do is show up and use them, no maintenance required….. So, last week we took two different horses (for two different reasons) jumping in the lose school. One enjoyed it , the other one didn’t. Sometimes you have to think outside…

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Stephane’s press release

Stephane's Good Night kiss

New Arabian Racehorse Trainer in Newmarket   Newmarket trainer Stephane Lévêque is to become the UK’s newest Arabian racehorse trainer, swapping thoroughbreds for purebred Arabians as an upsurge in the sport gathers pace. With just a small number of Arabian trainers in the UK, Stephane will be only the second in Newmarket, offering owners the…

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Essentials, Leg Stretches Before Track Work

Stephan doing Leg Stretches

Welcome back! I hope the “normal folks” among the readers had some peaceful couple of days. For us race-trackers it was business as usual. Except for maybe trying to squeeze in a church visit….   The racing season is under full swing now and there is no time mosey about. Before we hit the track for morning workout, each…

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